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How to check the Completeness Score on Apimio's Dashboard?
How to check the Completeness Score on Apimio's Dashboard?
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Figuring out your Completeness Score on Apimio's Dashboard is really easy. This feature gives you helpful information about how complete your profile is.

This score acts as a helpful guide, pointing out areas where you might want to add more details.

Follow the below mentioned steps to check the product completeness score on the Apimio’s dashboard.

Steps to Check Product Completeness Score

Step 1: After signing in, access Apimio's dashboard.

Step 2: Ensure your products are listed or import a CSV. Either connect Shopify to Apimio and the products will be imported or on the dashboard, click "Import CSV" in the top right corner.

Step 3: Once products are added, navigate to the "Products" section in the header.

Step 5: A list of your products will be displayed, including the product quality score in a column.

Step 6: To view scores in detail, open any product; you'll find the scores on the right.

Step 7: Click on "Product Quality Score" to access a detailed view of the score. This way you will be able to check the completeness score of the product on Apimio’s dashboard.

Step 8: If your products are listed in languages other than English, you can view scores in those languages too.

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