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Apimio Attributes FAQ Guide
Apimio Attributes FAQ Guide
Written by Zahwa Nadeem
Updated over a week ago

Attributes are the building blocks of your product information management system, allowing you to define and organize product data efficiently.

Whether you are new to Apimio PIM or looking to optimize your product data management, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and step-by-step instructions to help you make the most out of Apimio's attributes feature.

  1. How do you create a new attribute in Apimio PIM?

Navigate to the "Attributes" section in your dashboard. Click on "Create New Attribute," fill in the necessary details such as name, type, and other configurations. Once done, click "Save."

  1. Can you delete an attribute in Apimio PIM?

Yes, you can delete an attribute. Go to the "Attributes" section, select the attribute you want to delete, and click on the "Delete" button. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

  1. What happens if you delete an attribute that is linked to products?

Deleting an attribute will remove it from all the products it is linked to. It is recommended to review and update the products accordingly to ensure accurate information.

  1. How can you search for a specific attribute in Apimio PIM?

Use the search bar in the "Attributes" section. Type in the name or keyword of the attribute you are looking for, and the system will display the matching results.

  1. How do you link an attribute to a product in Apimio PIM?

Go to the "Products" section, select the product you want to update, navigate to the "Attributes" tab, and link the desired attribute.

  1. Can you use attributes for filtering products in Apimio PIM?

Yes, attributes can be used as filters to easily find and organize products in Apimio PIM.

  1. How do you update the values of an attribute for multiple products at once in Apimio PIM?

Use the bulk edit function in the "Products" section. Select the products you want to update, navigate to the "Attributes" tab, and update the values of the attribute as needed.

  1. What types of attributes are available in Apimio PIM?

Apimio PIM offers a variety of attribute types, including text, number, date, dropdown, multi-select, and more, to cater to different product information needs.

  1. How can you customize attributes in Apimio PIM to fit your needs?

Apimio PIM allows you to create custom attributes. Go to the "Attributes" section, click "Create New Attribute," and configure the settings according to your needs.

  1. What are the best practices for managing attributes in Apimio PIM?

Keep your attributes organized and consistent. Use clear and descriptive names. Regularly review and update attribute values to ensure accuracy.

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